Other positions

2009/12 - now
Member Supervisory Board of the STT future foresight study Wisdom of the crowd and the future of decision making

2009/09 - now
Board member of ICT Innovation Platform Brain & Cognition, (ICT-regie platform).

2009/07 - now
Member Advisory board Delft Toptech Postdoctoral coarse Master of Security Science and Management , Delft University

2009/06 - now
Member Editorial board of Magazine National Security and crisis management

2008/12 - now
NL member of the NATO Research and Technology Board.

2008/11 - now
Member Supervisory Board of the National Research Initiative “Brain & Cognition (NWO)

2008/01 - now
Member Supervisory Board of the National SmartMix research program Brain-Computer and Computer-Brain Interfaces (BRAINGAIN)

2007/11 - now          
Member Supervisory Board of the National FES research program GAme research for Training & Entertainment (GATE)  
2005/01 - now 
Board member of the Delft Cooperation on Intelligent Systems (D-CIS)

2005/01 - now          
Board member of
the Aerospace Software and Technologies Institute (ASTI)

2005/05 - now            
Member Supervisory Board of the 
International Research Centre for Telecommunications-transmission and Radar (IRCTR)

2004/04 - 2007/11       
Member of the Advisory Committee Informatics (ACI) of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Researc
h (NWO)

2003/12 - 2005/05  
Board member SURF Foundation, the higher education and research
partnership organization for network services and ICT

2003/07 - 2009/04           
Board member of the
V2_Organisation, Institute for the Unstable Media

2003/05 - now           
Member of the Research & Innovation Board of the Dutch Police

2001/06 - 2003/06  
Member of the
European IST Prize evaluation committee

2001/01 - 2005/02       
Member of the Steering Group of the National FES research program

1996/03 - 01/04  
NL representative in the HFM21 NATO study group (Virtual reality applications in military environments) of the Human Factors Medical Panel